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Every company wants to capture and sustain their target market’s attention to the products they have on offer. Competition is tough out there and in order to be on the same playing field with your competitors and at the same time yield good results, you need to hire us, Big Beach Digital, one of Maui’s online marketing expert.

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The Leading Online Marketing Company in Maui

We do not like to brag but our track record will show that most of the Maui websites we handled have had great success. Our various online marketing techniques were able to attract new customers for our client’s business and sustain the regular customers’ interest with their products or services.

We, at Big Beach Digital, use varying online marketing techniques for our clients. We make sure that we sit down with them and understand what they want to achieve with the marketing strategy that they want us to implement. Here are some of the services we offer to their clients. Feel free to choose which online marketing service would suit your company’s requirement and let’s discuss.

Website Services

One of the online marketing services that we usually offer our clients is to have their own website. Building your online presence means you want your followers or customers to be able to visit a site where they can know more about the products you offer and more.

We recommend having your own hosted website. This will give you the freedom to customize and align the look and theme of the site to your business. Big Beach Digital can help you with the layout and design. We guarantee that once the site is launched, you will see immediate results.

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Search Engine Optimization

For clients that already have a presence online, you need to make sure that you are tapping the right network to extend your reach, either to go national or international. Being one of Maui’s dependable online marketing company, Big Beach Digital can help your site improve its rankings by providing target-specific keywords that will lead online users to your site.

Our SEO services include providing original content that will drive more organic traffic to your website and will strengthen your online presence and ranking across the internet. You have the option if you want us to provide content to the site on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

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Pay Per Click Services

Another effective online marketing technique that we provide is Pay Per Click Services. Our team will search and provide sophisticated keywords to ensure that when the ads are placed on websites and other social media sites, it will grab your target market’s attention.

Big Beach Digital includes efficient tracking reports to our clients in order to show how effective the pay per click services was in bring online users to visit your website.

Big Beach Digital knows that at the end of the day, business owners want all these techniques to translate into sales so that they can regain the money invested on these services. This is why before we start a project, our team make sure that we, including the client, agrees with the objectives that they want to achieve on each promotion. We provide them with a timescale and price package for our service.


We do not believe in overcharging our clients because we believe in establishing a harmonious relationship with our clients. This is so that if they would again need a reliable internet marketing company, Big Beach Digital will be on their speed dial!